Bill Levkoff 7022

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bill levkoff updated size chart.png

Bill Levkoff 7022

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Purchase Agreement

* Have your measurements professionally taken: Bust, Waist, and Hips

* Based on your measurements, choose a size according to the designer’s size chart. (if you need help picking a size please call Beside the Bride)

* Gowns are not custom ordered to fit your exact measurements. Beside the Bride is not responsible for your size selection.

* Alterations are NOT included in the price of the gown and are likely in most cases.

(Please note that it is easier to take in a gown than it is to let one out.) 

* All wedding party orders are placed together to ensure dye lot match (each person must have a size selected and pay before orders are placed)

* Full payment is required on any special order.  

* There can be NO cancellations, refunds, returns, or exchanges.

* The Bride (unless otherwise requested) is notified when gowns arrive and she or her designees are expected to pick up all gowns in a timely manner.  Items left over 90 days become property of Beside the Bride

* Any attempted credit card “charge-back” will result in additional fees to the purchaser.