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Sometimes it can be hard to choose the perfect dress when you are the mother of the bride or groom. Yes, it might not be your wedding, per se, but you still want to look amazing (there will be so many pictures taken, and you want to look back and feel beautiful)! And here at Beside the Bride, our job is to not only help you choose the perfect dress—but to make sure that you continue to feel happy and look beautiful in your dress.

When it comes to picking out the perfect dress, you may feel limited to what colors are available to you. You obviously cannot wear white, but we have heard time and time again that mothers of both the bride and groom feel like they should be in a neutral color—like beige or tan. Sometimes that look is great and fits in well to the wedding, but other times that color might not look right in the color scheme or even with your skin tone. So, we want to remind you that black is a viable option for both the mother of the bride and the groom!

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Why Black Dresses Work

Before, so many people thought that black was a ‘sad’ color and should not be worn at weddings where you are celebrating—but that is old news! Black is in (and frankly, has always been in), and could be perfect for a mother of the bride or groom on the day of the wedding.

The best part about black is that it goes with everything—so it will match any color scheme that may be happening at the wedding! So, you will not have to worry about that! Along with talking about how great black is—it is a timeless color that will look amazing for years to come. When you look back on wedding pictures, you will be happy you went with black—classic, timeless, and slimming! What could be better?!

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We frequently remind both mothers of the bride and the groom that wearing black to a wedding is not only okay, but it is actually one of our top selling colors! Black really is a timeless and classic color that will look amazing in different dress shapes and lengths! If you are coming in and looking for a mother of the bride or groom dress, make sure to try on a black dress option—you will not be disappointed!